Guest Post: Fun Runs- Are They For You?

Head over to The Daily Runner and check out my guest blog! Thanks TDR 🙂

The Daily Runner

By: Haley Gonzalez

We’ve all heard of “fun runs”, maybe even ran a few ourselves. They seem to be everywhere and there is every kind of run you can think of. From color runs to mud runs and neon runs…the list goes on. I myself have participated in 3. My first was the Merrill Down & Dirty Mud Run, then the Color Run and there was the Mud Blast. I have found that I prefer the more traditional races; you know, where people actually run – not dance, wave around neon lights, make color angles or wear 80’s prom clothes.


This is how I feel about races: I am a more traditional runner. I am competitive (with myself). I LOVE to RUN.  I don’t wear headphones when I run its too distracting. If there is a timing option for a race I pay the extra money for the timing chip…

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