What This Runner Eats

I received an email from Runner’s World about nutrition for runners. I’m always wanting to know healthy things for me to eat pre, during and post run so I was excited to read the article Nutrition For Runners – 25 Snacks For Runners It can be hard to make nutritious meals for yourself (especially working 10 hour days, training and trying to have a social life). This is a good list of easy snacks.

I try to pre make my lunches for work as I’m making dinner the night before. Or I’ll make a big dinner and take left overs for lunch. I eat about 4-6 meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Easy quick snacks are a plus for me.

Here is a pretty average day for me. Breakfast: Blackberry, almond milk protein shake. Sometimes I add greek yogurt if I have it.


A snackie that I love are these Think Thin bars. I used to get a lot of different flavors, but the only one I really enjoy now is the dark chocolate. This is a protein bar…not a candy bar claiming it is a protein bar. There is 20g of protein per serving (serving size is a whole bar) and NO sugar!


I also like Think Thin bars because if I want something sweet they help me avoid crap like this at work


This is another snack. I picked this up at Nugget Market – easy enough to make at home. Chicken salad, grapes, cucumber and a few Ritz Crackers. Yum.


This I also got at Nugget and it is also easy enough to make. It is a Thai chicken salad. Chicken, bell peppers, cilantro, and cabbage. This was my lunch. I need more vegetables in my diet so I am trying to have a salad for at least one of my meals.


Finally for dinner my boyfriend (he’s the best) made this for us. I got the recipe from Pinterest, here is the recipe Herb & Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken . The only thing I would change is not using the olive oil. Too oily, and it’s really not needed because the lemon and orange juice make the chicken nice and juicy.


Had some asparagus and wine with dinner. It is possible I went a little too heavy on the cheese, but I love cheese!!


As you can see I ate pretty well today. But trust me, I have my days where I only want to eat french fries, hamburgers, pizza, cheese and beer/wine. We’ve gotta give ourselves those days! (at least I know I need them!) If I know I am going to be eating something like that I’ll exercise a little extra that day before I do. I also don’t eat like that all day it will usually be just one meal.

Here was my run today. It was my first run in 5 days. I was taking a little break because I had a some foot pain. After resting and new SuperFeet Insoles I think I’ll be okay! This run was fun, my sister and I ran together. She is improving as a runner, but we still had to take a few walk breaks 🙂

CIM Training Short Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


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