Running In Sacramento – Welcome To My City!

Today was my second short run this week before my birthday vacation this weekend. The training plan was only 2 miles, instead I ran just over 4. I’ve been wanting to post about running in Sacramento for a while so I finally am! The reason I haven’t is because I feel a little silly stopping my run to take pictures – if people were to see that is. Then I thought “F-it.” These days people take pictures of their food at restaurants ( I admit I am guilty of this myself, can I help it if I LOVE food?) Here is my course today. It is pretty random, I just wanted to run around and take pictures 🙂

CIM Training Short Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I ran around midtown/downtown area today. I love the neighborhoods I live around cause they’re nice and shaded!


Awesome mural near my apartment. I actually got to see them making it while I was taking a walk one day.


This is Mangia! Sorry the picture is so crappy, glare. If you want the best pastrami sandwich of your life you need to come here!! They are on the corner of Capitol & 18th. Seriously, best pastrami. They had a sign out today saying they are now serving beer & wine. Yet another reason to stop by 😉


This is 58 Degrees Wine Bar. The best wine bar in Sacramento. When they are open they set up tables and chairs outside. My friend and I like to go on Sundays and spend $$$. The great thing about going on Sunday is they don’t charge a corkage fee so all the bottles are $15 less. AMAZING!! They also have great food and the best cheese boards in Sacramento as well. (ps runner-up for cheese & wine is a newly opened place called The Rind – love the name – no picture of that place cause people were in it as I ran by and I didn’t want to be creepy). 58 Degrees is on 18th street between Capitol and L. The Rind is on L street between 18th & 19th. All these yummy places in such close proximity…its a dream come true…if you love food like I do!


I love living in a city that has cool painting/murals on buildings. Next time I’ll post more of those; there are some great ones in Sacramento. I Love this one! It is hilarious! Sadly, this place is closed. I never tried it but heard good things.


This is near the convention center downtown. I don’t know why these trees are painted blue, but I love it.


Finally, the end of my run was to the California State Capitol. Obviously I had to get some pictures here to show you all! This really is a great park. It is big, lots of plants, statues, areas to workout. There are always people running the perimeter of the park, I run here often myself. The rose garden is beautiful and smells great when you run by.


It is hard to make out, but this was my view running towards the Capitol.


I like to end my runs at my boyfriend’s place since it is closer to downtown than I am ( I’m more on the outskirts ;)).

This is Lilly. She is watching me type my blog at the moment. Doesn’t she look so excited??


Hope everyone has a great weekend! If you’re participating in any races good luck! Fun news: I just signed up for the Folsom Blues Half Marathon (Previously the Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon). It is all Johnny Cash themed, how could I not sign up for that?! I’ll be running it with my friend who got me into running. Our first half together, yet another reason I had to sign up 🙂

Speaking of races…here is the most unflattering race picture of me I think I have ever seen! From the Daivs MOONlight Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Go Me!!


And keep checking back for more about running in Sacramento!!



5 thoughts on “Running In Sacramento – Welcome To My City!

    • Cool! There is so much to do! Not as much as the Bay but I still love it here 🙂 If you ever decide to sign up for a race in Sac there are some good ones coming up! Otherwise I’d recommend rafting down the American River, picnicking at one of the many great parks or if you loooove food (like me) my faves in town are 58 degrees, The Rind, Vito’s Pizza or Sandra Dee’s (fried chicken there is amazing!!!).

      • Thanks for the recommendations! There is a lot to do in the Bay, but it’s CRAZY expensive to live here. I have a couple of friends who have moved to Sacramento for this reason and they really like living there. I really want to go rafting down the river..I’ve never been whitewater rafting before and it looks soo fun. I will definitely run a race in Sacramento eventually. It would give me a good excuse to drive down there and check out the city!

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