There will always be someone better than you

Yea, that’s right. Someone will always be faster, stronger, more in shape, prettier, smarter (whatever else you tear yourself apart for) than you. When I run I will often see someone and think “God I wish I looked like her”, or “Why can’t I run as fast as that person?”. I did it on my run today. I saw someone who was obviously in amazing shape and a great runner and wished I was like her. Then another thought came to my head, “Shit, I bet there are people that think the same thing about me.” And I totally did think it just that way 😉 I am trying so hard to not compare myself to other people. Instead I try to compare my non-running, non-healthy self to who I am today. When I do that I am totally happy with what I look like and what I’ve accomplished. I mean damn, I used to not even be able to run a mile, but in March I ran 13.1 miles!

There will always be someone better than you. But you know what, you will always be better than someone too. Don’t get down on yourself…and don’t look down on those who are “below” you. You were there at one point! I am just trying to better myself & my life by being healthy. A lot of us are, and we should all support eachother!

Here is my run for today:

Distance 3.25miles, Duration 31:02, Pace 9:33, Speed 6.28mi/hr

It was a beautiful day for a run in McKinley Park. It is a small loop around a park but it is a pretty neighborhood, and there are always a lot of people there running/exercising. Check out my run!

I love my job cause I get to kiss faces like this! Again, nothing to do with running but I LOVE kittens 🙂



3 thoughts on “There will always be someone better than you

  1. Awww…cute kitty! And nice inspirational blog again. I’d be running by now but I wrecked my toe 10 days ago and I’m still waiting for it to heal. Hurts like hell but getting better every day.

  2. Stubbed it bad, baby toe. Could even be broken but I’m not getting it checked. Time will take care of it I’m sure. Just gotta be patient.

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